Break in case of fireThe recent weeks have proven to be a roller coaster in the market. Dramatic swings have undoubtedly created some great buying opportunities for companies whose price was hit in the collateral damage of fear. The price of oil is falling and dragging many of the energy giants down with it. All of this news is music to an investor’s ears. We look to buy quality companies at discounted prices, but if you don’t have some cash waiting on the sidelines you might miss out on the fun. Continue reading

Watchlisht: CSX

Planes, trains and automobiles! Or maybe just trains

I usually go through the same debate in my head which is to either add to current positions or initiate new positions to search for better opportunities. Currently, with the price of oil stocks going off a cliff, I’m torn between adding to CVX and XOM or diving into a new position: CSX.

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Time horizons

Have you ever heard the expression “buy real estate because God isn’t making any more of it”? Well, consider this: time is infinite, but your time isn’t. You have to ask yourself what your time is worth to you and how you really prefer to spend it. I voluntarily left a job in July because it was degrading my quality of life severely.  Even though I have been putting away money for years, I’ve only recently (in the past 2-3 years) started looking at dividend growth investing as a way for me to get my time under control.

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